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The astrologer, though he is a cheat, is admired for his brilliance. He faces his customers in an astonishing way.

He tackles all his customers and sends them satisfied. This quality he has got from his experience. He says things that 9 out of 10 people would agree. In case of Guru Nayak, the astrologer is extremely brilliant. He identifies him with a small light from the match and says all about him in a safe way. He escapes from him vey easily.

He is very brilliant. The Astrologer as Cheated. When the story ends, we see the astrologer as a cheated person. From the beginning, he cheats others but at the end, he stands cheated. Guru Nayak instead of giving one rupee gives just 12 and half annas. The astrologer worries about this. Labels: indian short story , k. Anonymous 10 April at Anonymous 5 July at Vikash Saharan 9 July at Anonymous 6 August at Anonymous 20 October at Anonymous 24 November at Pray to God for the fate of our future is good because it is only God that knows anything.

Only God Know about the future, we cant believe except God about the future.

Astrologer's Day.. | Irony

Allah give us problems because Allah loving we all. This story was really interesting for me because it is telling about someone who looking for money to be an astrologer. Some people in this story believes that the astrologer knows all about something will happen. We have Allah who gives us helping and Allah always guide us to be better people. Come to an astrologer day is not good manner because we can solve our problems by myself.

So we just believe to Allah S W T. This story teaches us that we must trust to Allah as a place to share our problem about everything and we should not believe to the astrologer because astrologer is just human like us, he does not know anything about the future or anything that would happen to someone in the future. At this time many people who believe in astrologers but astrologer is nothing and do not know anything about human life except Allah.

This story tell about some people who believe to astrologer about the future. Astrologer is only human,he do not know abaout the future. If the prediction from an astrorolger that is true bacause his experience.

The Astrologer

We only believe to Allah because just Allah who know about the future. If we have problem we must finished,do not run from the problem. We can pray to Allah for the future is good bacause Allah always give us the best….. This story tells about a man who in his youth he spent to drink, gamble and quarrel. And then he tries to be an astrologer and starts his business almost at midday. Some people believes that the astrologer knows anything that will happen in the future.

This story teaches us to put our trust in him, Allah S. T, to go out from the problem. So, come to an astrologer is not good manner to solve our problem. In this story I can take the lesson about the mistery of life. The important thinks are praying and do the best for our effort.

We have to believe that Allah SWT will always be with us. We have to keep spirit in our life. So, we have to enjoy our life till the end of our life. Astrologer just astrologer, he same as we are human being who must believe something will happen only with the will of God. We can go to an astrologer, but we do not believe entirely in what he says.

Because astrologer might be just guessing about ourselves and our lives. He might draw conclusions and knowing our problems not because she is a astrologer, but because he had heard our story and draw the outline.

Comment by Hilda Rahmawati [] 5G. The story is very interesting because it is through these stories we can realize that there is not any power that exceeds the power of god, and we as a people its educated people should not believe in things like that even though there are some people who get an edge in predicting but we must we still believe to our god.

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Comments RSS. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Then, an astrologer invited him to chat and predict his future life. And an astrologer charged three pies per questions. Climax An astrologer felt scared when he told about something happened in the past.

A Study Guide for R. K. Narayan's "An Astrologer's Day"

And an astrologer told to him that he must stop looking for man who try to kill him in the past. Falling Action An astrologer told to him to be dangerous if the stranger wants to know who want to try killing him. And astrologer said that the murderer was dead. Resolution An astrologer went home and told his wife that he has been a great load. He had once thought that he killed someone. But he discovered that the victim was well and still alive. The author has made a daring choice probably with a specific purpose in mind.

Short Story - An Astrologer's Day by author R. K. Narayan - Complete story and analysis in HINDI

The second person point of view draws the reader into story. Language Style Cultural Context: 1. To crown the effect he wound a saffron color turban around his head 2. His professional equipment, which consist of a dozen cowrie shells. Took out an anna and flung it out to him, The anna is a former coin of India that was equal to four pice pice is a coin of very small value 5. If you find my answer satisfactory, will you give me 5 rupee? A bundle of palmyra writing it refer to paper made from leave of the palmyra tree 7.

Jaggery is unrefined sugar made from palm tree 9. He said, yawning and stretced him self on the pyol. Pyol is a low bench. Summary This is an example of external conflict against society and its struggle. He also has problem with the neighboring vendors. He can live to the fullest and make the best of his future quarrels. This emotional effect on him perhaps produced fear inside when he met up with Nayak again. This shows that even fictional characters can have manlike problems and manlike solutions to those problems.